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Customer Reviews


I don't know what was better, the front desk service or the room. Both exceeded expectations and made my wife, dog, and my stay so comfortable. We did a 3 week, 7,000-mile road trip and of all the places we stayed, this one tops them all

Dwain C. -

The staff here is fantastic. They went out of their way to make me feel welcome. I would definitely return.

Geoffrey B. -

Great place to stay! Walkable to Mainstreet, felt like home. Clean, comfortable, and quiet. Only three floors and had a great staff.

Ania M. -

While on a cross-country trek with my son we recently, by happenstance, stayed at your wonderful Travel Lodge in Bozeman and having a degree in biology (botany) and being an outdoor enthusiast, wanted to share how incredibly impressed and pleased I was with your location’s dedication to conservation and ecology.

While I am sure everyone loves the bear who looks like he spent a week getting highlighted at a day spa, your daughter’s vertical soil profile on display was amazing! I also really enjoyed perusing your poster on wildflowers of the region, and learning from your front desk staff about the hotel’s many efforts at lessening the impact of each stay, such as minimizing the use of plastic in rooms – whether cups or refuse can liners.

Next time I find myself in the region, I will certainly research other properties you own and make every effort to stay in one vs. say, just another run of the mill offering. But most important, please relay to your daughter how wonderful her project was! It really resonated with me as for fun I love to identify and study things I discover outdoors whether animals (very partial to bees, dragonflies & Lepidoptera), plants, or hybrid biota such as mushrooms & lichens. Being a flyfisherman of course tunes me into all sorts of insects large & small.

Gratefully and with admiration

Ken Z. - Boston, MA